Service Desk
A cost effective, easy to use, multi functional service desk management solution that can manage calls and tasks within many service orientated situations.

The product is a single ‘all encompassing’ database which makes it easy to use, simple to administer and can be installed and ready for use in a matter of minutes.
The key features with the product include:

  • Management, End User and ‘Resolver’ Dashboards
  • Logging and assignment of service requests
  • Task management & tracking
  • Reference Library
  • Email Management
  • Customer list management (optional use of Domino Directory)
  • Optional Asset management

  • Service Desk can be used to support a variety of business support functions including IT, Human Resource (HR) and Customer Services.

    For larger organisations, multiple instances of Service Desk can be deployed and 'global' reporting is available in a separate Notes application which provides a single view of all the service desks in use.

    December 2010
    Another Service Desk Sale in the USA
    Please welcome Frank Miller Lumber Company to Service Desk.

    January 2011
    Workflow Enabled
    Workflow can be easily enbled using the NEW Workflow Management Tool. Please contact Polymorph.

    In Service Desk we found a product that met our requirements; it’s inexpensive, simple to install and very easy to configure and use.

    Jeff Naylor - Frank Miller Lumber Company
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